Karel Mladý

DevOps engineer




I'm a Czech tech person living in Brno.


I'm a proud father of one.


I speak Czech and English.


I'm employed by CYRRUS, a.s.


I grow veggies and I paint. I also play MtG a lot.


I've been part of the web-development industry since about 2014.

I spent couple of years as as backend programmer. Working with PHP mainly to implement new features to existing e-commerce platforms. I met Nette, Symfony and Laravel. I also created several in-house applications that led me to Angular.js and frontend frameworks. Among the projects I made were features like syncing order payment status with bank API, or allowing e-commerce backend user to print documents via Google Cloud Print API.

Later on I joined a team supplying tools and procedures to provide Continuous Integration environment to a ~60 developers team. We work with Attlasian software in conjunction with our own Python, Bash, and Ant scripts. We strive to implement methods like Configuration as Code and scripted provisioning of our stack.

On occasion I create websites for clients with various level of involvement of other people, usually I outsource/cooperate on graphic design. Sites i worked on include tcfy.cz or basecurityservice.cz

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